Kitchens no more just an area to cook there is lot more to it. An ideal kitchen brings in the joy of cooking and adds zing to your routine chores of preparing meals for your family.

So why not take an experts advice and spare a little more thought in doing up the most important part of the house and treat your queens and princess with the luxury of having a comfortable place to cook delicious meals for every member of the family.

Modular kitchen since its inception is considered the best solution for all types of kitchen needs, but wait… do we know what exactly is a modular kitchen?

Let me brief you a little about modular kitchens.

Modular kitchen consists of modules which are tailor made as per the requirements, specifications and budget. Secondly this kind of modules gives a free hand in designing some cramped up spaces by adding pullouts, magic corners and pantry units to utilize most unused spaces in your kitchen. It also gives you a wide range of finishes to choose from.

“NO MESS NO STRESS” which means no carpenters or masons working on site, no noisy work and no mess just choose the right kitchen with the help of an expert and get it delivered at your doorstep.
Modular kitchens from reputed brands are equipped with stainless steel 304 grade baskets which guarantees no rust for lifetime and also with German hardware which means hassle free functioning of your drawers and shutters. Since Germans are known for their precision in technology may it be cars or something as simple as a drawer channel.

The most basic thing to keep in mind while doing up a modular kitchen is approaching a modular kitchen expert prior to constructing your platform. Giving just four walls to the designer will help him/her guide you in selecting right storage spaces according to your lifestyle and food habits which in turn will get you a best, most functional and aesthetically beautiful kitchen.

What happens when a kitchen platform is already built and you think of installing a modular kitchen?
It is not impossible but as discussed earlier, modular kitchens consist of modules and these module sizes are as per international hardware and fittings. when you have an already constructed platform there will be restrictions in fitting those modules because of its height and width and in the end what you get is a semi modular kitchen which is smartly disguised as modular kitchens by local vendors and non-recognised brands available in every nook and corner of the city. When we say semi modular it means an already constructed platform with fixed kadappa or other stone verticals.

Assembling imported hardware, factory made shutters/drawer fronts and S.S. Baskets is not a modular kitchen we can always call it a semi modular kitchen with restricted functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. When you are spending your hard earned money spend a little more and get the best out of it.

Keep reading this space as we share some secrets of designing your kitchen.