Work triangle:

The work triangle theory helps in smooth functioning and makes cooking a more enjoyable experience. An ideal kitchen layout should have the placement of Hob/cook top, Refrigerator and sink in a triangular pattern which helps in segregating your storage, washing and cooking.

Storage for your Kitchen:

Understanding the food habits and number of family members will help in decoding the needs of right storage as you can understand the type and size of utensils that will be used on day to day basis. List out the electronic appliances used in a kitchen so as to plan them in a manner where they can be accessed at ease.

Kitchen Design Ergonomics:

Ergonomics plays a vital role in designing a kitchen as the person using the kitchen should be comfortable with the storage placements and height of the platform. The ideal height for the platform top considering an Indian woman should be 820mm that is around 32.8 inches. An overhead storage should be at a distance of 630mm that is around 24 inches for easy accessibility.

Material, colours and finishes:

BWR plywood is the best bet when it comes to kitchen for its durability and water resistance. Shutters/Drawer fronts can either be of BWR plywood or Medium Density Fibre board’s known as MDF. When it comes to finishes there is a wide range of option for example Laminate, Membrane, Acrylic etc. Choosing a right colour obviously depends upon one’s personal taste, with a wide range available in the market!! one can be spoil for choice.

Kitchen Appliances:

Choose the right appliances as per the food habits and cooking style. A good chimney is always recommended to keep the kitchen smoke and odour free. A right Hob/Cook top will ease up your cooking. A dishwasher also can be added to wash your utensils in a hygienic way. The appliances available in the market today do not only serve their purpose but also add an appeal to your kitchen.

Kitchen Platform:

Counter top can be of Granite, Marble, Quartz, Solid surfaces etc but the best and undefeated material in an Indian kitchen which I would also recommend is granite for its hardness and dense grains which makes it impervious to stains as well as its high resistance to heat and scratches makes it an ideal material.


From concept to installation budget is the most important. Keeping your needs in mind a designer can help you suggest the right material, Finishes and Storage. A kitchen should have more of functionality, Durability and Comfort rather than creating a hole in your pocket.

Keep reading this space as we share some vaastu tips and latest trends for your kitchen.